Trusted Pharmacist Profile and professional GSuite account

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Benefits of a Trusted Pharmacist.ORG Profile

Verified Pharmacist ID

Professional business-class applications from Google

Secure communication and data

Access to materials only for pharmacists

Global Pharmacists Community

Today, more than ever before, the community of pharmacists around the world is looking for ways to integrate and share one credible voice in the face of new challenges.

By actively participating in the digital transformation of the pharmacist profession, we feel obliged to create solutions that will strengthen this community in order to improve the operation and credibility of all pharmacists on the Internet.

Join now our community of over 10,000 verified pharmacists and enjoy all the benefits of a professional account and a Trusted Pharmacist Profile.


Trusted Pharmacist Profile

The pharmacist is a profession of public trust and our inevitable presence in the digital world requires us to build trust among our recipients in this field.

The Pharmacist’s Trusted Profile and the tools implemented in the service are designed to support your professionalism and career, globally.

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Access to content only for pharmacists

The traditional model of conferences and meetings is disappearing. There has been a change that ultimately shapes new behaviors for all of us. Thanks to the G Suite service in the Pharmacist’s Trusted Profile, you gain access to conference tools, and our account will provide you with access to many training sessions with educational benefits, online events all available in one click.

In the age of fake news, we need trusted solutions and reliable sources of knowledge. Therefore, authorization with a Trusted Pharmacist Profile will give you access to certified materials.

Professional Office business-class tools

You do not need to install any complicated software. All documents created by you and our Global Pharmacists Community – will be available to you both online and offline. Additionally, they will be compatible with the documents of other office packages.

Thanks to G Suite you get a wide package of Google applications with additional features and a big amount of cloud storage. The business class solution gives you full control over your documents and the security of stored data.

Everything you need to implement your projects. Text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or forms are applications useful in every situation.

Create, archive, analyze, and spread knowledge with professional tools.

The GSuite service is provided by Google Partner – Solwit SA

Secure communication and data

Naturally, as part of the Pharmacist Trusted Profile service, we offer you the best in security as well.

The HIPAA certificate, allowing secure transmission of sensitive health data, two-step user verification, use of biometric data, and encryption keys are part of the security elements provided for your professional Pharmacist account.

In addition, G Suite from Google is a solution dedicated to business clients, therefore adapting to the requirements of the GDPR is a basic element of our service.